TC 85 19/16 2018
The new age

新たな世代のTC 85はすべて、フルサイズのHusqvarnaモトクロス製品ラインで採用されている実証済みの技術が多く使用されており、競争の激しい85 ccクラスの水準を引き上げています。新しいフレームおよび最先端のWPリアショックを装備したことにより、若い世代のミニライダーも自信をもって限界に挑むことができます。その一方、新たなエンジンは、より強力かつ制御性の高い出力を提供するため、未来のスター候補生たちにトップレベルのパフォーマンスと耐久性を保証します。


Professionally crafted by WP Performance Systems, the Chromium Molybdenum steel frame is constructed using hydro formed tubes joined by precision robot welding to ensure the highest level of consistent quality.
The WP AER 43 consists of a split fork design using a capsuled air spring in the left leg and the trusted oil damping system in the right leg. The new components offer a significant improvement in suspension performance with an increase in wheel travel to 280 mm total (+10 mm).
WP Xplor rear shock
On the rear, a specific version of the new WP XPlor PDS shock absorber is fitted to the TC 85. The design offers improved progression and response which is further improved by lowering the mounting angle by 3°. Wheel travel is increased by 5 mm and is 305 mm total.
Made from lightweight aluminium, the new subframe features a shorter and more compact profile. Overall, the component is now 75 mm shorter and 0.2 kg lighter which not only contributes to the overall weight reduction but also improves mass centralisation.
The air filter is easily accessed, without tools, by removing the left side panel. Easy maintenance is guaranteed by the Twin Air filter and filter cage design that features a simple fail proof mounting system for safe and accurate filter installation.
New radiators produced by WP Performance Systems are designed using CFD (computational fluid dynamics) to ensure the ideal passage of air through the cooling fins. Combined with a revised routing of the coolant circuit, the new system ensures the optimal engine temperature for the highest performance.
Manufactured using a gravity die-cast production process, the one-piece aluminium swingarm offers exceptional strength at the lowest possible weight. For easy maintenance, the chain adjustment markings are visible from above making chain adjustment even simpler.
The new exhaust system is perfectly suited to the power characteristics of the engine and contributes to the outstanding performance and ride-ability all round. Additionally, the new silencer is 50 mm shorter improving mass centralisation.
The TC 85 engine uses the latest in 2-stroke technology to deliver unrivalled performance in the competitive 85cc class. With an unchanged bore and stroke, the engine is 0.69 kg lighter and delivers improved power and ride-ability along the complete RPM range.
The cylinder is designed around an all new power valve system. The new system controls both the exhaust valve and the sub exhaust port for significantly improved power, torque and controllability. As a result, the TC 85 receives a significant increase in mid-range performance reducing the need to use the clutch in loamy or sandy conditions.
The crankcases are manufactured using a high pressure die-cast production process keeping wall thickness to a minimum while retaining strength and durability. The design of the new cases is more compact and aims at positioning the shaft arrangements as close as possible to the centre of gravity for improved handling.
Replacing the previous coil spring design, the TC 85 features a new diaphragm spring clutch. The new design is 0.4 kg lighter, more compact and also benefits from added durability. The clutch is actuated using a Formula hydraulic system meaning that play is always compensated for and the clutch point remains the same under different conditions as well as over time.
ODI lock-on grips
The TC 85 is fitted with high quality ODI lock on grips standard. The system includes a vulcanised grip on the right side while the lock on grip on the left does not require glue or wire for mounting.
Black Excel rims and CNC machined hubs are fitted with Maxxis tyres that deliver outstanding performance on a variety of terrain. The block pattern and rubber compound deliver exceptional straight-line stability and excellent traction and predictability.
The TC 85 features all new bodywork scaled to precisely fit the proportions of an 85 rider. The contact points and feeling deliver exceptional ergonomics instilling confidence while also leaving room for free and unrestricted movement.
A Formula four piston brake calliper and 240mm wave disc up front, and a two piston calliper and 210mm wave disc at the rear ensure powerful and confident braking. The piston size on the rear calliper is reduced by 2 mm to 22 mm and in combination with a new rear brake lever provides improved modulation and feeling.



  • デザイン 単気筒、2ストロークエンジン
  • 排気量 84.9 cm³
  • ボア 47 mm
  • スターター キックスターター
  • トランスミッション 6速
  • プライマリードライブ 20:64
  • セカンダリーギアレシオ 13:49
  • クラッチ 湿式、多板クラッチ、Formula製油圧式
  • EMS MEDJ digital


  • フレームデザイン クロームモリブデン鋼製セントラルチューブフレーム
  • フロントサスペンション WP-USD, AER 43, Ø 43 mm
  • リアサスペンション WP Xplor PDS ショックアブソーバー
  • サスペンションストローク (フロント) 280 mm
  • サスペンションストローク (リア) 305 mm
  • フロントブレーキ Formula製 ディスクブレーキ
  • リアブレーキ Formula製 ディスクブレーキ
  • リアブレーキディスク径 210 mm
  • チェーン 428
  • キャスター角 66 °
  • ホイールベース 1290 ± 10 mm
  • 最低地上高 377 mm
  • シート高 875 mm
  • 燃料タンク容量 (約) 5 l
  • Weight without fuel 68 kg