Vitpilen 701 2019

268 500,00 CZK*
* Manufacturer's suggested retail price (MSRP), the actual sale prices can vary.

A powerful urban icon

The VITPILEN 701 is an immaculately designed street bike that offers a new perspective on urban motorcycling. Driven by a powerful single-cylinder engine, this compact and agile motorcycle is expertly crafted to deliver minimalist styling with exceptional performance and reduced to the bare essence of what a motorcycle should be. Created to suit the unique, progressive lifestyle of modern motorcycling, it delivers a more thrilling, honest and real bike experience.

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The design idea is to strip away all unnecessary gimmicks and create a simple, progressive mix of classic thinking and modern design. This way of thinking is synonymous with the Swedish heritage of Husqvarna Motorcycles and can be clearly seen on the VITPILEN 701. The lightweight and narrow bodywork is shaped into the VITPILEN 701´s progressive design and intelligently allows for seamless movement while riding.


Lightweight 17" cast alloy wheels are a design highlight of the VITPILEN 701. The wheels offer a unique sense of style and ensure high levels of strength and durability with minimal unsprung weight. The Husqvarna logo is embedded into the wheel, discreetly highlighting the attention to detail on the VITPILEN 701.


Ignition cover plug

Ignition cover plug764,84 CZK

CNC-machined design made of high-strength aluminum Premium quality, anodized surface finish

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Footbrake cylinder cover

Footbrake cylinder cover525,87 CZK

CNC-machined design made of high-strength aluminum Premium quality, anodized surface finish

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Fender 3 127,97 CZK

Replaces stock front fender Great for changing visual apperance of your bike

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Fuel tank fairing

Fuel tank fairing13 116,28 CZK

Replaces stock fuel tank fairing. Great for changing visual apperance of your bike.

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Licence plate holder support

Licence plate holder support 5 231,43 CZK

Stylish and lightweight replacement of stock side-mount license plate holder.

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Wheel set

Wheel set34 142,81 CZK

Lightweight and stylish wheel set offers great customization possibilities by replacing stock rims. Includes: Spoked front and rea…

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Integrated within the bodywork is a progressive design feature known as "the split". This yellow division runs diagonally from top to bottom and starts from the rear of the fuel tank, down to the exhaust hanger. This element is unique to Husqvarna and further showcases the brand's pioneering design direction.
Tank & Filler Cap

Tank & Filler Cap

The aluminium filler cap proudly displays the Husqvarna Motorcycles logo, like a stamp of premium quality, standing humble but bold on the fuel tank. The tank is seamlessly integrated into the design, and is a central focal point of the VITPILEN 701 style. The intelligent design also allows the rider to move seamlessly between riding positions, while painted finishes and subtle accents highlight its progressive and unique design.


The seat of the VITPILEN 701 uses high-quality foam and MOKKA leather fabric, which, despite its reduced appearance, remains comfortable for the rider. Extending from the main bodywork and seamlessly floating above the rear wheel, the seat forms part of the minimalistic rear subframe, which adds to the unique riding experience the VITPILEN 701 provides.


Style seat

Style seat5 231,43 CZK

Custom designed seat for uncompromising look. Features: Durable cover Sleek and elegant design Premium fit and feel Easy installat…

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Pillion seat cover

Pillion seat cover4 442,64 CZK

Great option when converting your motorcycle from duo- to solo-seater. Provides clean look and compliments design lines of your mo…

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Tank pad set

Tank pad set3 390,90 CZK

Enhance the look and protect your bike with these pads.

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Control Zone & Triple Clamp

Clip-on handlebars attach to forged aluminium triple clamps, central to the VITPILEN 701 style. In keeping with the minimalistic look of the SIMPLE.PROGRESSIVE. design, the control zone is not obstructed by any fairings and simply features a digital display unit with the necessary information.


The premium LED headlight on the VITPILEN 701 conveys an unmistakable look. Around the circumference is a daytime running light, making the VITPILEN 701 clearly visible in all conditions.The LED tail light is integrated within the sleek bodywork and gives the rear end a clean, uninterrupted appearance.


Handlebar ends

Handlebar ends787,23 CZK

Protects grip rubbers from grazing in the event of a fall.

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Lever protection

Lever protection2 340,74 CZK

High-grade aluminum lever protection guards lever from being clipped by other motorbikes and in the event on unintentional ground…

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Mirror3 103,89 CZK

Round mirror featuring modern and clean design. Aluminium CNC machined Adjustable stem Usable for left and right side

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Handlebar end mirror

Handlebar end mirror4 679,92 CZK

Handlebar end mirror which can be mounted on either side of the handlebar. Aluminum CNC milled Ball-and-socket joint for flexible…

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Heated grip kit

Heated grip kit5 231,43 CZK

Warm hands, regardless of the weather Grip temperature adjustable in 4 levels Prolonged riding season Great vibration absorption…

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Brake lever

Brake lever4 442,64 CZK

Visual highlight with technical and ergonomic added value CNC-machined from high-strength aluminum Tough anodized surface finish…

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Clutch lever

Clutch lever4 442,64 CZK

Visual highlight with technical and ergonomic added value CNC-machined from high-strength aluminum Tough anodized surface finish…

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Plug set

Plug set314,24 CZK

Covers attachment holes after rear view mirror removal

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Technical Specs


Zdvihový objem
692.7 cm³
Výkon v kW
55 kW
Druh konstrukce
1válcový, 4dobý motor
105 mm
80 mm
Elektrický startér
Nucené olejové mazání se 2 olejovými čerpadly
Kapalinové chlazení
Třecí spojka APTC(TM), hydraulicky spínaná
Keihin EMS s RBW, dvojité zapalování


Provedení rámu
Chrom-molybdenový ocelový mřížový rám, obalovaný práškem
Přední odpružení
WP obrácený Ø 43 mm
Zadní odpružení
Pružná vzpěra WP s vazbou
Zdvih pérování (vpředu)
135 mm
Zdvih pérování (vzadu)
135 mm
Přední brzda
Čtyřpístkový radiální pevný brzdový třmen Brembo, brzdový kotouč
Zadní brzda
Jednopístkový plovoucí brzdový třmen Brembo, brzdový kotouč
Průměr kotouče přední brzdy
320 mm
Průměr kotouče zadní brzdy
240 mm
Bosch 9M+ dvoukanálové ABS (vypojitelné)
X-Ring 5/8 x 1/4"
Úhel hlavy řízení
65 °
Světlá výška
140 mm
Výška sedadla
830 mm
Kapacita nádrže (přibl.)
12 l
Weight without fuel
157 kg


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