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The Husqvarna Motorcycles street range is simple, yet progressive and since its inception in 2014, has simply been progressing. With four production models and two show-stopping concept bikes already unveiled, the momentum is not about to end any time soon.

Fuelled by an unwavering desire to produce concepts that push the boundaries of design, and the subsequent realisation of those ideas into production models, Husqvarna Motorcycles is fully committed to expanding the street range, with motorcycles that continue to disrupt the industry status quo. The latest addition is an evolution of the SVARTPILEN 701, aptly named the SVARTPILEN 701 STYLE. It’s a stylish progression of the original production model, and thus the word STYLE is added.

The aim was to provide appealing future “derivatives” for a ‘Special edition’ of the SVARTPILEN platform within the brand’s existing colours framework. Several solutions were worked on during the design phase, but bronze was the colour of choice and was so striking, the decision was taken to make the model more widely available.

The bike is a mix of technicality and premium aesthetics. The matt silver and high gloss black reinforce the original “Special edition” plan for this bike, supported by graphics that are a creative mix of the SVARTPILEN 701 production model and the original SVARTPILEN 701 show bike. Several parts were added, like the bar end mirrors, which lower the bike’s visual appearance and make it look a little meaner. The spoked wheels are a qualitative add-on, giving the bike a more rugged look, while the CNC-machined footpegs add an extra touch of premium quality and attention to detail. Aluminium badges were added on the tank “pills” to support the high-end livery and also offer protection for the tank covers.

This new addition to Husqvarna Motorcycles’ street range is uniquely stylish, and like the SVARTPILEN 701 model it evolved from, it is there to re-ignite a passion for motorcycling through the raw and exhilarating experience of riding it.


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