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    We’re back! Husqvarna Motorcycles is pleased to announce the return of the HUSKY TREK: Tasmania for 2023. With the new addition Norden 901 Expedition, the Husqvarna Motorcycles travel range grows by one, and so too does the HUSKY TREK.

    Taking in the Husqvarna Motorcycles mantra of FOR PIONEERS, this 5-day adventure ride offers our 701 Enduro, 701 Enduro LR and Norden 901 and Noden 901 Expedition customers a chance to explore the amazing tasmanian landscape with like-minded adventurers.

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    12th - 17th

    Coming to Tassie for first time, the 2023 Husqvarna Motorcycles HUSKY TREK: Tasmania will take place from 12th November – 17th November 2023, taking in the Husqvarna Motorcycles mantra of FOR PIONEERS.






    True to a pioneering spirit, the HUSKY TREK has progressed to include the new addition Norden 901 Expedition. Built to take on adventures straight from the showroom, this technically enhanced touring machine is equipped to discover new worlds. 



    Just as the Husqvarna 701 Enduro and Norden 901 models make a great platform for both new and experienced riders, the HUSKY TREK will be suitable for a wide range of rider abilities. The Main Route will be achievable for first-time adventurers with a little bit of off-road experience. The optional ‘Hard Routes' keep things spicy for riders looking to challenge themselves continuously.



    The Husqvarna Motorcycles HUSKY TREK is about offering a great experience to our Husky adventure riders - whether you ride a 701 Enduro, 701 Enduro LR or Norden 901 and Norden 901 Expedition - what better way to explore our country than with five days in the stunning Tasmania region with a pack of Husky’s!

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    2023 Husqvarna Motorcycles HUSKY TREK: Tasmania


    Why come on the Husky Trek?

    We take the hard work out of planning a ride so you can truly enjoy your adventure. Ever tried to organise a group of mates for a multi-day ride? Not an easy task. We worry about the details - so you can enjoy the adventure.


    Starting our Husky journey in Tasmania’s Northeast town of Smithton, spectacular ocean views will greet you on your way to Home Base. From here, we head South towards Strahan. Forestry, open sweeping gravel, and challenging coastal tracks are the order of the day. And the views, well, they stack up to the riding. Epic!


    The final destination of Derby awaits, and with-it, single-track Mecca. Derby is well regarded for its world-class mountain biking and where bikes without horsepower can have fun, and a pack of Husky’s can show them what a good time really looks like. Day 4 promises to be so good that we had to have two bites at the cherry with a loop day running for the fifth and final day. Who said you could have too much of a good thing?



    What's Included?


    • Planned routes with the help of local experts, highlighting the best adventure riding in the region.
    • Lead Riders and Sweep Riders -You just get on your Husky each morning and ride.
    • Luggage Support -Don’t ride hindered by your bags. Our luggage van transports your items each day, leaving you with a light load to enjoy the adventure.
    • Technical Support -Peace of mind knowing our Husqvarna Motorcycles team are on hand at each Home Base to assist with any minor mechanical issues that may arise.
    • Medical Support -With medical support following, ride at ease knowing that you will have assistance should you need it.
    • Backup Vehicle & Sweep Support -Following all riders each day will be a 4WD and trailer, as well as sweep riders ready to help, have a chat, or ride along with!
    • Dinner included every night -After a big day of adventure don’t worry about where to find your dinner, meaning you can relax and relive the day with a group of like-minded friends.
    • Event Video & Photos -We will capture the memories from the week for you to share with your family and friends, making them envious for years to come of your experiences.
    • And if that isn’t enough for you . . . check out the 2022 Australian adventure for a taste of what it is all about! Here


    • $1,795 AUD per rider.



    • Husqvarna 701 Enduro, 701 Enduro LR, Norden 901 or Norden 901 Expedition 
    • Registered Motorcycle
    • Third-party property damage insurance OR Comprehensive motorcycle insurance (recommended)
    • Full unrestricted motorcycle licence 
    • Knobby tyres

    HUSKY TREK: Tasmania Preview

    You won't want to miss this one. Gain a taste of what this years HUSKY TREK: Tasmania exploration is all about... 

    HUSKY TREK: Tasmania

    Australia 2023

    Australia 2023

    HUSKY TREK: Tasmania

    2023 Husqvarna Motorcycles HUSKY TREK:


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