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    The 2022 TE 300i Rockstar Edition and FE 350 Rockstar Edition are competition-focused enduro machines of the highest standard. Stylishly adorned with the latest Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing replica graphics, the 2022 TE 300i and FE 350 Rockstar Edition models provide race team aesthetics.

    Beyond the bold visual enhancements, technical revisions include the new Brembo brake systems. Working in unison with GALFER discs, exceptional braking performance is guaranteed with a front disc protector helping to ensure consistent, progressive stopping power, even in extreme conditions. Additionally, a Brembo clutch ensures perfect, fade-free operation at all times and is endorsed by our factory racing team.

    With both the compact TE 300i Rockstar Edition and FE 350 Rockstar Edition engines producing usable power, each model benefits from

    Completing the list of essential upgrades, Michelin tyres offer incredible grip on all terrains while a durable Supersprox rear sprocket increases drivetrain longevity. A black gripper seat cover and ODI grips provide improved comfort and control.

    The 2022 TE 300i and FE 350 Rockstar Edition models maintain the exceptional handling characteristics and incredible durability of the standard motorcycles, to deliver unrivalled enduro performance.

    Technical Highlights.

    / Model year 2022

    • New Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing graphics
    • New Factory Racing approved Brembo hydraulic clutch and brake system
    • New GALFER brake discs front and rear
    • Black powder coated frame
    • Blue CNC machined triple clamps
    • Black seat cover with additional ribs
    • Front disc protector
    • Michelin Enduro tyres
    • Blue Supersprox rear sprocket
    • Blue chain guide
    • Grey ODI grips
    • Accessible Twin Air premium air filter for tool less maintenance 

    Features and benefits.

    / Chassis and engine



    The chromium molybdenum steel frame is expertly crafted using hydro-formed tubes, which are laser-cut and robot-welded to ensure the highest level of precision and quality. The specifically crafted geometry utilises advanced longitudinal and torsional flex characteristics, for unparalleled rider feedback, energy absorption and exceptional straight-line stability.

    The forged aluminium cylinder head mountings on both models deliver optimal handling characteristics and comfort. The frame is finished off with a premium black powder coating and standard frame protectors guaranteeing superior protection and durability.

    • Advanced longitudinal and torsional flex characteristics → unparalleled rider feedback, energy absorption and exceptional straight-line stability
    • Forged aluminium cylinder head mountings on both models
    • Durable powder coated finish with standard frame protectors

    Composite carbon fibre subframe

    Unique to Husqvarna Motorcycles, the composite carbon fibre subframe showcases advanced production technologies and innovation. Using 70% polyamide and 30% carbon fibre, the two-piece subframe has a total weight of just over one kg. With the help of computational dynamics, specific rigidity is engineered into the light and robust subframe, delivering outstanding handling and rider comfort.

    • Two-piece subframe → weight just over one kg
    • Composite carbon fibre construction → lightweight and robust
    • Specific rigidity characteristics → exceptional handling and comfort


    The hollow, cast aluminium swingarm offers optimal stiffness and strength for the least possible weight. Specific machining allows for the chain adjustment marks to be seen from above allowing for easy maintenance.

    • Optimal stiffness and reliability in a lightweight construction

    WP XPLOR fork


    The WP XPLOR front forks consist of a 48 mm spring type layout with split rebound and damping functions meaning compression damping is solely maintained by the left leg and rebound damping exclusively by the right leg. The result is simple adjustment through easy access clickers (30 clicks) located on the top of each fork leg. Additionally, the standard preload adjusters allow for a three-way preload adjustment without the use of tools.

    Offering unsurpassed performance and comfort, the WP XPLOR fork features an advanced mid-valve piston that delivers a consistent damping function while the setting allows the fork to operate higher in the stroke delivering exceptional rider feedback and bottoming resistance.

    • WP XPLOR front fork → 48 mm spring type with split damping function
    • Easy access preload adjusters
    • Advanced mid-valve piston and setting → superior performance, feel and comfort

    CNC machined triple clamps


    The 22 mm offset blue-anodised CNC machined triple clamps offer premium quality as standard on all Husqvarna Motorcycles enduro models. The triple clamps are expertly crafted using superior manufacturing techniques and materials to provide high levels of quality and reliability. A two-way adjustable handlebar clamp is fitted as standard and allows for customisable ergonomics.

    • CNC aluminium → finest quality and reliability
    • Adjustable handlebar position → customisable ergonomics

    WP XACT rear shock

    The WP XACT rear shock provides advanced damping characteristics while keeping a compact and lightweight design. With a pressure balance inside the shock, damping is consistent, providing superior rider comfort and handling.

    Using the same linkage progression found in Husqvarna Motorcycles’ motocross range, the rear end sits lower for optimal control and comfort in extreme enduro conditions. The component is fully adjustable and delivers unrivalled traction, feeling and energy absorption. Rear wheel travel is 300 mm.

    • Advanced linkage progression → exceptional control and comfort
    • Pressure balance → consistent damping
    • 300 mm rear wheel travel

    BREMBO hydraulic clutch


    The new, premium Brembo clutch system guarantees even wear, reliability, and near maintenance-free operation as well as perfect action. Free play is constantly compensated so that the function of the clutch remains identical in cold or hot conditions, as well as over time.

    • Brembo hydraulic clutch → perfect action in every condition

    BREMBO brakes

    The new Brembo braking system offers the highest level of braking performance with a sensitive and progressive feel, which is perfect for enduro riding. The new, floating 260 mm front brake disc and 220 mm solid rear brake disc by GALFER keeps weight to a minimum while delivering exceptional stopping power. A front disc protector is fitted as standard to the Rockstar Editions for added protection in extreme riding conditions.

    • New Brembo brake calipers and high-performance GALFER wave discs → superior stopping power with unsurpassed sensitivity and action
    • Standard front disc protector → added protection for extreme enduro riding

    ProTaper handlebar

    The ProTaper handlebar is second to none for function and style. Manufactured to exacting standards, it features class-leading fatigue resistance and minimal weight. The ProTaper logos are chemically applied and are scratch and peel resistant.

    • ProTaper handlebar → class-leading function and style

    Grips and throttle assembly

    The grey ODI lock-on grip is fitted to the left side without glue, while on the right, the vulcanised grip features an innovative integrated throttle mechanism. The assembly has easy free-play adjustment and, by changing a cam, throttle progression can be altered.

    • Throttle assembly and ODI grips → easily alter throttle progression; easy grip mounting without glue

    Map switch, traction & launch control


    Designed for easy operation, a thumb activated map switch is fitted as standard on the FE 350 Rockstar Edition. This selects between two EFI maps and is also used to activate the traction control feature. Traction control offers improved grip and performance on slick terrain.

    Traction control is selected to an on or off position from the switch and functions by analysing throttle input from the rider and the rate at which RPM increases in the engine. If the RPM increases too quickly, the EMS registers a loss of grip and reduces the amount of power to the rear wheel, ensuring maximum traction.

    Additionally, the TE 300i Rockstar Edition is also fitted with a standard map switch allowing selection between two ignition curves based on conditions or rider preference.

    • Handlebar map switch as standard → alter engine characteristics according to conditions and rider preference
    • Traction control → optimal traction in all conditions

    Engine management system (EMS)

    As well as controlling EFI parameters on the FE 350 Rockstar Edition, the Keihin EMS features selectable engine maps via the switch on the handlebar as well as traction control. Combined with the gear sensor, power delivery is tailored for each gear.

    • Keihin EMS → smaller, lighter, and faster at processing engine data for more efficient engine management
    • Gear sensor → specific engine maps for each gear

    On the TE 300i Rockstar Edition, the EMS features an Electronic Control Unit (ECU), which is responsible for a number of functions. The sophisticated unit determines the ignition timing and the amount of fuel and oil injected into the engine. In addition, the EMS receives information from the throttle position sensor, ambient air and intake pressure sensors, as well as crankcase pressure and water temperature sensors, to adapt values and make corrections for automatic temperature and altitude compensation. This means there is no need to change carburettor jetting as in the past.

    • 2-stroke EMS → modern engine management eliminating the need for jetting changes

    Throttle body

    The FE 350 Rockstar Edition features a 42 mm Keihin throttle body. The injector is positioned to ensure the most efficient flow into the combustion chamber. Ensuring optimal throttle response, the throttle cables are mounted directly without a throttle linkage, which provides more immediate throttle response and control.

    • Throttle body → 42 mm, injector positioned for optimal flow, more immediate throttle response thanks to direct cable mounting

    The TE 300i Rockstar Edition uses a 39 mm throttle body, which regulates the amount of air entering the engine via a butterfly valve, operated by dual throttle cables connected to the handlebar throttle assembly. Unlike 4-stroke throttle bodies, fuel is not introduced at this point, but rather 2-stroke oil is mixed with the air entering the engine to lubricate the crankshaft, cylinder, and piston. Additionally, a Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) relays airflow data to the ECU, which in turn calculates the amount of oil and fuel delivered to the engine. At the same time a bypass screw regulates the idling speed, and a cold start device opens a bypass providing more air for cold starts.

    • 39 mm throttle body → regulates air flow, TPS relays airflow data

    Exhaust system

    Tailored specifically for each model using an innovative 3D design process, the TE 300i Rockstar Edition header pipe features advanced geometry and exceptional performance. Offering more ground clearance, it is less susceptible to damage while a corrugated surface makes the header pipe more durable, reducing possible damage from rocks and other enduro hazards. The 2-stroke muffler also features an aluminium mounting bracket and advanced internal construction for excellent noise damping and weight saving, without sacrificing power.

    The FE 350 Rockstar Edition exhaust system is expertly designed to deliver class-leading performance at the lowest possible weight. The header pipe is manufactured in two pieces which allows for the system to be removed while the rear shock remains in place. Further innovation allows for a short, compact silencer which offers reduced noise levels. The component is crafted from lightweight aluminium and is stylishly finished in a black coating that highlights its premium quality.

    • Corrugated surface on TE 300i Rockstar Edition→ more durable against damage
    • Header joining position on FE 350 Rockstar Edition → remove header pipe without removing rear shock

    Electric start and wiring harness


    All TE and FE models come with an electric starter as standard. The system uses a compact and lightweight Li-Ion battery, which is one kg lighter than a conventional battery. After several years of experience with electric starters on Husqvarna Motorcycles enduro models, the proven reliability is second to none and ensures quick and effortless starting in any condition.

    Additionally, the wiring harness concentrates all needed electrical components into a secure area below the seat, neatly organised and easily accessible.

    Integrated cooling system and radiators

    The radiators are expertly crafted using high-strength aluminium with Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) to channel air through the radiators more efficiently. The cooling system is intelligently integrated into the frame, eliminating the need for additional hoses. The large centre tube running through the frame reduces pressure at this point, allowing for a consistent coolant flow.

    Additionally, the radiators are mounted close to the centre of gravity for improved handling agility. The FE 350 Rockstar Edition is fitted with a radiator fan as standard. A radiator fan is available for the TE 300i Rockstar Edition from the Husqvarna Motorcycles Technical Accessories catalogue.

    • Integrated cooling → maximum efficiency in minimum space
    • Large central tube → consistent coolant flow

    Fuel tank

    The 8.5 litre polythene fuel tank incorporates a quick release filler cap and an integrated fuel pump. The fuel pump features internal line routing directly from the pump to the flange for optimal fuel flow. Additionally, the external fuel line is specifically positioned to make it less exposed and susceptible to damage. A fuel level sensor is incorporated on all models.

    Airbox and tool-less Twin Air filter access

    The airbox is designed with precisely positioned inlet ducts aimed at preventing air deformation, which ensures maximum airflow and maximum filter protection. The air filter is easily accessed, without tools, by removing the left side panel. Easy maintenance is guaranteed by the Twin Air filter and filter cage design that features a simple fail proof mounting system for safe and accurate filter installation.

    • Airbox → maximum air flow and filter protection
    • Filter mounting system → safe and accurate protection against dirt
    • Tool-less filter access → easy and fast maintenance



    Black high-strength alloy rims by D.I.D with laser engraved logos are coupled to CNC machined hubs using lightweight spokes and silver anodised aluminium nipples. The nipples incorporate an advanced design reducing the frequency of spoke checks and maintenance.

    • Lightweight but strong and reliable construction → minimum unsprung weight


    The TE 300i Rockstar Edition and FE 350 Rockstar Edition feature Michelin Enduro tyres as used by the Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing team. The FIM approved tyres offer exceptional grip in a wide variety of different terrain and riding conditions.


    Featuring new Factory Racing graphics, the TE 300i Rockstar Edition and FE 350 Rockstar Edition are complete with bodywork which clearly showcases Husqvarna Motorcycles' progressive approach to offroad motorcycle design. The ergonomics are specifically tailored to deliver comfort and control. As a result of extensive testing, the slim contact points make shifting between riding positions easier and allow the rider complete ease of movement.

    The flat seat profile, together with the black high-grip seat cover with additional ribs, delivers superior control in all conditions.

    • Progressive bodywork → distinctive look, modern design, and factory graphics
    • Ergonomics → confidence-inspiring riding position in all riding situations
    • Seat → flat seat profile and high-grip seat cover for exceptional control in all conditions


    Technical Information
    TE 300i Rockstar Edition

    • Husqvarna Motorcycles 2022 TE 300i Rockstar Edition Download

    Technical Information
    FE 350 Rockstar Edition

    • Husqvarna Motorcycles 2022 FE 350 Rockstar Edition Download

    Technical Accessories

    Factory Wheel Set

    Built to deal with the biggest obstacles on any track or trail the Factory Wheel Set features robust D.I.D DirtStar rims that are laced to blue anodised CNC machined hubs using super-strong spokes. Constructed to offer increased reliability, they offer reduced weight and increased strength. 

    FMF Megabomb Header and Factory 4.1 RCT Silencer (FE 350 Rockstar Edition)

    Assembled using the highest quality workmanship, the FMF Megabomb Header and Factory 4.1 RCT Silencer provide a notable increase in power across the entire rev range. The FMF Megabomb Header features a resonance chamber for optimum torque with the distinctive blue anodised silencer improving overall performance. Constructed with a titanium housing and carbon-fibre end cap, the FMF Factory 4.1 RCT Silencer offers a significant weight saving over the standard item. This incredibly durable, enduro specific exhaust system is endorsed by our Factory Racing team riders who rely on its increased strength and performance when competing at the highest level.

    FMF Factory Fatty Expansion Chamber and FMF Titanium Powercore 2.1 Silencer (TE 300i Rockstar Edition)

    Increase power and save considerable weight with the FMF Factory Fatty Expansion Chamber and FMF Titanium Powercore 2.1 Silencer. With both components easy to install, and offering an uncompromising race team look, bolt-on performance is guaranteed with improved traction and a broader rev range. The FMF Factory Fatty Expansion Chamber is manufactured with extra-strong steel for durability, while the lightweight FMF Titanium Powercore 2.1 Silencer provides a crisp exhaust note. Manufactured exclusively in the USA, this is the exhaust system used by Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing Team.

    Brake Caliper Support with Brake Disc Guard

    CNC-milled from high-strength aluminium, the Brake Caliper Support with Brake Disc Guard provides maximum protection for the rear brake disc against rocks and crash damage. An essential item for all of Husqvarna Motorcycles’ offroad machines, the guard adds very little weight and is used by Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing’s hard enduro racers, Billy Bolt, Graham Jarvis, and Alfredo Gomez.


    Moto 9 MIPS Gotland Helmet

    Packed with protection, the Moto 9 MIPS® Gotland Helmet provides safety, comfort, and style. Made exclusively for Husqvarna Motorcycles by Bell, the helmet features a highly sophisticated ventilation system, a fully adjustable visor, and a removable, washable liner. The helmet is finished with a distinctive black and yellow design.

    Accuri Goggles

    Ensuring perfect vision, Accuri Goggles offer a seamless fit and maximum moisture transportation thanks to the three-layer, fleece topped face foam. Featuring a wide, super-grippy 45 mm silicone coated strap and an anti-fog, scratch resistant lens, they are packed full of innovation and made exclusively for Husqvarna Motorcycles by 100%.

    Gotland Shirt

    The Gotland Shirt is a fresh take on an offroad staple. Light and robust the modern yet timeless design is water repellent while remaining breathable. Available in both blue or grey, the Gotland Shirt offers a personalised look.

    Ridefit Gotland Gloves

    The Ridefit Gotland Gloves by 100% deliver optimum lever operation due to silicone printing on the fingertips, guaranteeing riders maintain complete control. Ensuring comfort, they feature Lycra® finger sidewalls and Neoprene cuffs together with an adjustable TPR Velcro wrist fastener for fast and sure closure.

    Gotland Pants

    Team the Gotland Shirt with Gotland Pants. Lightweight, durable and breathable, the Gotland Pants are Cordura-reinforced, offer highly effective ventilation and feature heatproof and abrasion-resistant leather knee reinforcement.

    Crossfire 3 SRS Boots

    Combining protection with style, the high-quality Crossfire 3 SRS Boots are made exclusively for Husqvarna Motorcycles by leading Italian boot brand, SIDI. A fully adjustable calf area and micro adjustable buckles ensures a personalised fit for exceptional comfort and control.


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