FE 250 2019

FE 250には、エンデューロラインアップで最小の4ストロークです。ここでの最小とは、非常に軽量かつ厳しい技術領域においても優れていることを意味し、トルクおよび扱いやすい4ストロークパフォーマンスを提供します。同クラスをリードするWPリアショック、選択可能なエンジンマップ、Magura油圧クラッチを組み合わせているFE 250は、比類ない品質と信頼性を実現するために高級コンポーネント一式を特徴としています。

Features and Benefits

The 250cc engine is designed to be powerful, light and compact. All major components and shaft arrangements are carefully positioned to best suit the performance and handling characteristics of the overall package. As a result, the engine weighs only 27.6 kg while retaining its torquey nature making the FE 250 accessible for both professionals and amateurs.
Cylinder head
The cylinder head features advanced technology aimed at reducing weight and drag. As a result, the twin overhead camshafts  rotate on a low friction surface while the four lightweight titanium valves (intake 32.5mm, exhaust 26.5mm) are actuated by finger followers using a DLC (diamond like carbon) coating.
The FE 250 engine is designed to be compact while centralising rotating masses. As a result, the crankcases are engineered to house the shaft arrangements at the ideal centre of gravity. The casings are manufactured using a high-pressure die cast production process, resulting in thin wall thickness while retaining exceptional reliability. The iconic Husqvarna logo adorns the bronze finished crankcase covers.
The plain big end bearing features two force-fitted bearing shells ensuring maximum reliability and durability, guaranteeing long service intervals of 135 hours.
Chromoly steel frame
The hydro-formed, laser-cut and robot-welded frame is expertly crafted by WP Performance Systems. The flex character of the frame is specifically tailored to benefit suspension functionality, handling and comfort. The frame fitted with standard frame protectors and an engine protector which mounts directly to the frame guaranteeing superior protection and durability.
Composite carbon fibre subframe
The composite subframe is a design unique to Husqvarna showcasing pioneering technologies and innovation. This 3 piece component is made up of 30 % carbon fibre making it remarkably light (1.4 kg). Specific care is taken to engineer a calculated rigidity for optimal handling and rider ergonomics.
Functional bodywork
Distinctive and futuristic bodywork highlight the enduro range while striking pearl blue and electric yellow graphics stylishly adorn the Swedish inspired design. The advanced ergonomics provide superior comfort and control allowing the rider to perform at their peak for extended periods of time.
Aluminium swingarm
The hollow, cast aluminium swingarm is designed to offer optimal stiffness and reliability while adding minimal weight. The machining above the rear axle allows the chain adjuster markings to be seen from above for easy maintenance.
WP Xplor 48
The WP Xplor 48 front fork is developed by WP Performance Systems specifically for enduro type riding. The forks consist of an open cartridge layout with a spring in each circuit and split damping functions.
WP rear shock
The WP DCC rear shock is designed to provide advanced damping characteristics while keeping to a compact and lightweight design. With a pressure balance inside the shock, the stroke is more seamless resulting in greater rider comfort and handling while the corrugated outer contour of the reservoir improves cooling.
Magura braking system
The high quality Magura braking system is designed to offer high sensitivity for a modulated feel while delivering the highest level of performance. 260mm disc front and 220mm rear.
Pro Taper handlebar
The Pro Taper handlebar is second to none for function and style. Manufactured to exacting standards, the Pro Taper handlebar features class-leading fatigue resistance while adding minimal weight. The Pro Taper logos are chemically applied and are scratch and peel resistant.
Map switch and traction control
Optimised for easier operation, the map switch also activates a new traction control feature. This can be selected to an on or off position from the switch and functions by analysing throttle input from the rider and the rate at which RPM increases in the engine. If the RPM increases too quickly, the ECU will register a loss of grip and reduce the amount of power to the rear wheel ensuring maximum traction. 
Electric starter
A standard electric starter guarantees easy starting in all situations. The system is powered by a lightweight and powerful Li-Ion battery which is 1 kg lighter than conventional lead battery.
Self cleaning footpeg mount
The Husqvarna frame features a clever, self -cleaning footpeg mount which prevents the build-up of dirt collected through deep ruts or muddy terrain. As a result, the footpeg will spring back into its original position ensuring perfect control. The large aluminium footpegs have an Enduro specific grip pattern while the position of the pegs is 6mm higher than that found on the MX models to further increase ground clearance over rocks and deep ruts.
Magura hydraulic clutch
The reliable, high quality, German-made clutch system guarantees even wear, near maintenance-free operation and perfect modulation in every condition. Meaning that play is constantly compensated so that the pressure point and function of the clutch remains identical in cold or hot conditions, as well as over time.

Technical Specs


  • 排気量 249.9 cm³
  • デザイン 単気筒、4ストロークエンジン
  • ボア 78 mm
  • ストローク 52.3 mm
  • スターター セルスターター
  • トランスミッション 6速
  • クラッチ 湿式、DDS多板クラッチ、Magura製油圧式
  • EMS Keihin製 EMS
  • CO2 emissions 78.8


  • フレームデザイン 25CrMo4 スチール製セントラルチューブフレーム
  • リアサスペンション WP製 リンク式モノショック
  • サスペンションストローク (フロント) 300 mm
  • サスペンションストローク (リア) 330 mm
  • フロントブレーキ ディスクブレーキ
  • リアブレーキ ディスクブレーキ
  • フロントブレーキディスク径 260 mm
  • リアブレーキディスク径 220 mm
  • チェーン X-Ring 5/8 x 1/4"
  • キャスター角 63.5 °
  • 最低地上高 370 mm
  • シート高 970 mm
  • 燃料タンク容量 (約) 8.5 l
  • Weight without fuel 105.8 kg