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The SVARTPILEN 701 is simple, raw, authentic and thrilling to ride. Its design captures some of the original spirit that originally made motorcycling great, and that still fuels the imagination of riders today. Its flat track-inspired design exudes a timeless appeal that will continue to stand the test of time. Riding this powerful single-cylinder street explorer is an experience that recaptures the excitement of those first sparks of inspiration, while its SIMPLE. PROGRESSIVE. design is a paradox that challenges the status quo of motorcycling.

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The intention with the SVARTPILEN 701, was to strip away all unnecessary gimmicks and create a simple, progressive mix of classic thinking and modern design. This approach is synonymous with the Swedish heritage of Husqvarna Motorcycles and can be clearly seen in the sleek, reduced look of this model. The lightweight, narrow bodywork is stylishly shaped into the SVARTPILEN 701's overall design and allows for seamless movement while riding. The design was inspired by the raw and timeless authenticity of the flat track scene, but brought to life in a premium, modern and progressive way.


The lightweight 18" front and 17" rear black cast alloy wheels produce minimal unsprung weight and contribute to the bikes dark, mysterious appeal. The Husqvarna Motorcycles insignia discreetly embedded into the wheel is an assurance of premium quality, strength and durability. The PIRELLI MT60 RS tyres offer advanced grip and durability in a wide range of conditions, while also giving the SVARTPILEN 701 a more rugged character.


Ignition cover plug

Ignition cover plug123,25 PLN

CNC-machined design made of high-strength aluminum Premium quality, anodized surface finish

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Footbrake cylinder cover

Footbrake cylinder cover84,75 PLN

CNC-machined design made of high-strength aluminum Premium quality, anodized surface finish

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Licence plate holder support

Licence plate holder support 842,86 PLN

Stylish and lightweight replacement of stock side-mount license plate holder.

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Fender631,05 PLN

Great for changing visual apperance of your bike Premium fit and feel High-quality looks

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Radiator cover insert set

Radiator cover insert set250,06 PLN

Great for changing visual apperance of your bike Premium fit and feel High-quality looks

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Headlight shroud

Headlight shroud715,80 PLN

Great for changing visual apperance of your bike Premium fit and feel High-quality looks

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The seat of the SVARTPILEN 701 uses high-quality materials that, despite its reduced appearance, offers superior comfort and durability. Integrated into the minimalistic tail of the motorcycle, it floats seamlessly above the rear wheel, adding to the unique experience of riding the SVARTPILEN 701.
Tank & Filler Cap

Tank & Filler Cap

The aluminium filler cap sits proudly atop the 12 L fuel tank and displays the Husqvarna Motorcycles logo as a stamp of premium quality. The tank seamlessly integrates into the overall design, and is a central focal point of the SVARTPILEN 701's style. Its uniquely shaped profile allows the rider to move seamlessly between riding positions, while the black painted finish and subtle accents highlight its progressive design.


Extending from the main bodywork and floating above the rear wheel is the unique tail of the SVARTPILEN 701. Its reduced appearance is a stand-out component of the design and also features a flat track-inspired side panel that enhances its timeless design.


Tank pad set

Tank pad set546,30 PLN

Enhance the look and protect your bike with these pads.

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Control Zone & Triple Clamp

Offroad style handlebars and risers provide a comfortable upright riding position, and a great visual perspective. The premium quality forged aluminium triple clamps are designed to ensure high levels of strength and reliability while also delivering advanced feedback and comfort to the rider. The bike's SIMPLE. PROGRESSIVE. design means no fairings or unnecessary attachments obstruct the control zone and simply features a digital display unit with the necessary information.


The premium LED headlight on the SVARTPILEN 701 has an unmistakable look. It is integrated into the number board style front panel, which is another subtle element of its flat track inspiration. Around the circumference is a daytime running light, making the SVARTPILEN 701 clearly visible in all conditions.The LED tail light is integrated within the sleek bodywork and together with the swingarm mounted license plate and turn signals, give the rear end a clean, uninterrupted look.


Handlebar ends

Handlebar ends126,87 PLN

Protects grip rubbers from grazing in the event of a fall.

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Lever protection

Lever protection377,12 PLN

High-grade aluminum lever protection guards lever from being clipped by other motorbikes and in the event on unintentional ground…

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Mirror500,12 PLN

Round mirror featuring modern and clean design. Aluminium CNC machined Adjustable stem Usable for left and right side

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Handlebar end mirror

Handlebar end mirror753,99 PLN

Handlebar end mirror which can be mounted on either side of the handlebar. Aluminum CNC milled Ball-and-socket joint for flexible…

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Heated grip kit

Heated grip kit842,86 PLN

Warm hands, regardless of the weather Grip temperature adjustable in 4 levels Prolonged riding season Great vibration absorption…

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Handlebar muffs

Handlebar muffs84,50 PLN

Never again cold fingers! Mounting over handlebar and switches Better control during winter ride-outs

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Plug set

Plug set50,68 PLN

Covers attachment holes after rear view mirror removal

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Technical Specs


Pojemność skokowa
692.7 cm³
Moc w KW
55 kW
Silnik 1-cylindrowy, 4-suwowy
105 mm
80 mm
Rozrusznik elektryczny
Układ smarowania z wymuszonym przepływem oleju z 2 pompami oleju
Skrzynia biegów
Chłodzenie cieczą
Załączane hydraulicznie sprzęgło poślizgowe APTC(TM)
Keihin EMS, zapłon dwuiskrowy


Konstrukcja ramy
Rama kratowa ze stali chromowo-molibdenowej, malowana proszkowo
Przednie zawieszenie
Amortyzator WP typu upside-down, Ø 43 mm
Tylne zawieszenie
Amortyzator WP z dźwigniami i łącznikami
Skok zawieszenia (przód)
150 mm
Skok zawieszenia (tył)
150 mm
Przedni hamulec
Tarcza hamulcowa Brembo z 4-tłokowym, montowanym osiowo stałym zaciskiem
Tylny hamulec
Pływająca tarcza hamulcowa Brembo z 1-tłokowym zaciskiem
Średnica przedniej tarczy hamulcowej
320 mm
Średnica tylnej tarczy hamulcowej
240 mm
Dwukanałowy ABS Bosch 9M+
Pierścień X 5/8 x 1/4"
Kąt główki ramy
65 °
164 mm
Wysokość siedzenia
835 mm
Pojemność zbiornika (ok.)
12 l
Weight without fuel
158.5 kg


Danielle Penberthy

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