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    Introducing the Svartpilen 250 and Vitpilen 250


    Introducing the Svartpilen 250 and Vitpilen 250


    Vitpilen 250



    Svartpilen 250

    Backroad Explorer

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    Husqvarna Motorcycles presents Norden 901 technical accessories

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    Discover the comprehensive range og high-quality components designed to enhance every adventure


    Explore more with Husqvarna Motorcycles’ extensive range of Technical Accessories, manufactured exclusively for the exceptional Norden 901. Allowing for tailored customisation of all forms of exploration, the expertly crafted list of high-quality components includes luggage systems, rider aids, and protection parts.



    1961-70: By a whisper

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    By Kenneth Olausson

    After 1960 things looked gloomy for Husqvarna. The R&D department was in idle mode and the factory had given up hope and interest on their motorcycle division. The street-Huskys didn't sell as the best days of the Silver Arrow were gone. No new products lay in the pipeline and the market was under the weather for the Swedes. It was time to ride out a tropical storm.

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    The journey of a legendary brand


    The journey of a legendary brand