Husqvarna Motorcycles launches all-new EE 1.20 Electric Balance Bike


With the launch of the EE 1.20 2023 by STACYCTM, there is now an electric balance bike in the Husqvarna Motorcycles line-up for every child up to 12 years old. 

Novice riders often find it difficult to get to grips with a motorised minicycle, and with the arrival of the EE 1.20 there is an offering to make the transition to full-blown motocross machines easier for all junior age groups.

The all-new Husqvarna Motorcycles EE 1.20 by STACYCTM allows quick and easy mastery of a twist throttle. The previously introduced EE 1.12 and EE 1.16 already meet the challenge for the youngest learners. With the thrill and excitement of power delivery from a twist-action throttle, learning becomes fun. Skills grow fast and tentative first steps quickly lead to confidence in control. All on machines that channel the competition style of the best offroad competitors.

All of the skills necessary to ride a powered two-wheeler can be honed on the Husqvarna Motorcycles EE 1.20. Once the new rider can push, balance and coast with the power off, it is time to switch on the 36 V motor to work on throttle control and go feet-up on the tapered footrests.

The Low/Training power mode caps top speed at 16 km/h, and at 15 kg the EE 1.20 is easy to push and lift; provided young riders have an inseam of 60 cm or more, they will be able to get both feet on the ground. As confidence and control develop, two quicker power settings can be accessed, topping out at 32 km/h in the High/Advanced mode.

An all-aluminium TIG-welded frame marshals the output of the electric motor, a Manitou J-Unit Machete front fork with 80 mm of travel absorbs the bumps, while hydraulic brakes front and rear guarantee safe stopping. Innova pneumatic tyres on 20” wheels provide confident grip as young riders master their machine.

Husqvarna Motorcycles EE 1.20 by STACYCTM embodies everything that riding a powered two-wheeler should be – fun, exciting and stylish. This new model is the perfect bridge from the smaller EE 1.12 and EE 1.16 to the EE 3 and EE 5 accessible electric minicycles, the next step when junior riders have the confidence to test their newfound skills in competition.  

EE 1.20 Technical Highlights 

  • Perfect for 10-12 years olds under 52 kg
  • Seat height: 58.4 cm to suit 61-66 cm inside leg
  • Weight: 15 kg including battery
  • 36 V platform (40 Vmax, 36 Vnom) 6Ah – 18650 battery
  • 30-60 minutes run time
  • 3 hr charge time
  • Full aluminium TIG-welded frame with proprietary shaped tubes
  • New design allows users to access the drivetrain through the front
  • 20" wheels with lnnova pneumatic tyres
  • Hydraulic brakes front and rear
  • Manitou J-Unit Machete front fork, 80 mm travel
  • Proprietary throttle assembly with STACYC – custom grips
  • Custom 19 mm handlebar
  • Displays power mode and battery level simultaneously
  • Three power selection modes
  • Low/Training mode     ~ 16 km/h
  • Med/Standard mode   ~ 24 km/h
  • High/Advanced mode ~ 32 km/h

Junior riders can dress for their offroad adventures with Husqvarna Motorcycles, too. For optimum safety and unrestricted performance, a comprehensive Functional Offroad Apparel Collection, designed specifically for the champions of tomorrow, combines innovative technical features for improved comfort, protection, and style.  Included in this are a specially designed helmet and shirt for riders of the EE 1.12, EE 1.16 and EE 1.20. There is the Kids Gravity Helmet produced exclusively for Husqvarna Motorcycles by Leatt as well as the Kids Railed Shirt, both of which complement the style of the Husqvarna Motorcycles EE 1 range by STACYCTM.