Thomas Kjer Olsen places seventh overall at MXGP of Limburg

Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing’s Thomas Kjer Olsen has finished seventh overall at a challenging MXGP of Limburg, round 14 of the MX2 World Championship. Racing at Lommel for the second of three visits to the Belgian circuit, an opening race seventh for Thomas was bettered in moto two with a sixth-place finish. MX2 teammate Jed Beaton placed ninth overall after overcoming a high-speed crash in race one to finish in 10th, a result he matched in race two.

Thomas Kjer Olsen started the opening MX2 moto of the day in a strong position. Challenging for third place, when just half a lap into the moto, his race quickly unravelled when he clipped the edge of a bump, which pitched him off of his FC 250 machine. Remounting quickly, but down in 20th position, a race-long charge ensued, which saw him reach the top 10 on lap five before going on to claim seventh at the finish.

Race two was a long battle for Kjer Olsen as he challenged for position well inside the top 10, advancing from eighth to sixth by the halfway stage. Giving his best, he was unable to make an impression on the top five and finished just a couple of seconds behind Isak Gifting in fifth. Despite not quite getting to grips with the shifting sands of the Lommel circuit, Thomas’s seventh overall pulls him within reach of fourth in the MX2 World Championship standings.

Jed Beaton was lucky to escape unscathed following a high-speed start straight crash in the opening MX2 moto. Re-joining the race, he caught up to the pack on lap three before charging past no less than eight riders as he moved into 19th position. Beaton’s spirited ride concluded with the Australian making the pass into 10th on the penultimate lap. Holding strong, he ended the moto just four seconds behind the eighth-place rider.

In the second moto, Beaton emerged fourth from the first turn before frustratingly catching the bank on the inside of the third turn, which resulted in him falling. Quick to remount he ended the opening lap in 12th place. Feeling the effects of his race one crash and his subsequent exhausting battle through the field, Beaton progressed to 10th to claim ninth overall.

In the EMX250 class, Kay de Wolf suffered a heavy fall during the morning’s qualifying session and was quickly taken to a local hospital. Diagnosed with a broken nose and minor concussion, the youngster was frustratingly unable to participate at the final round. Despite missing the final two races of his season, Kay secured an impressive fourth overall in the championship standings.

Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing return to the Lommel circuit for the third and final time on October 25, for round 15 of the FIM Motocross World Championship, the MXGP of Lommel.

Thomas Kjer Olsen: “A disappointing day. I just wasn’t quite on the pace today so it’s a little frustrating as I had high hopes coming into this race. I was fighting the track a lot, using up a lot of energy and it just wasn’t my day today. I still gave it everything I had but that’s just the way it goes sometimes.”

Jed Beaton: “Not good. I had a big crash going down the start straight in race one. It was a bit of a chain reaction and I didn’t see it coming so that was a big one. Something hit my arm pretty hard because it was numb for a little bit. Feeling started to come back as I got going and I then put my head down. Getting run over before two motos around Lommel isn’t the one but we’re back for more on Sunday so I’m hoping to end this week on a positive note.”

Results – 2020 FIM Motocross World Championship, Round 14

MX2 – Overall
1. Tom Vialle (KTM) 47; 2. Ben Watson (Yamaha) 42; 3. Jago Geerts (Yamaha) 39… 7. Thomas Kjer Olsen (Husqvarna) 29; 9. Jed Beaton (Husqvarna) 22; 18. Alberto Forato (Husqvarna) 6; 21. Josh Gilbert (Husqvarna) 4; 22. Johannes Nermann (Husqvarna) 3

MX2 - Race 1
1. Jago Geerts (Yamaha) 16 laps, 36:00:760; 2. Tom Vialle (KTM) 36:11:622; 3. Ben Watson (Yamaha) 36:39:037… 7. Thomas Kjer Olsen (Husqvarna) 37:20:890; 10. Jed Beaton (Husqvarna) 37:30:245; 15. Alberto Forato (Husqvarna) 38:07:970; 17. Josh Gilbert (Husqvarna) 15 laps, 36:52:168

MX2 - Race 2
1. Tom Vialle (KTM) 16 laps, 35:54:380; 2. Ben Watson (Yamaha) 35:57:369; 3. Roan Van De Moosdijk (Kawasaki) 36:03:674… 6. Thomas Kjer Olsen (Husqvarna) 36:22:416; 10. Jed Beaton (Husqvarna) 36:41:440; 18. Johannes Nermann (Husqvarna) 15 laps, 36:12:454

Championship Standings – After Round 14

1. Tom Vialle (KTM) 616pts; 2. Jago Geerts (Yamaha) 555; 3. Maxime Renaux (Yamaha) 438; 4. Jed Beaton (Husqvarna) 429; 5. Thomas Kjer Olsen (Husqvarna) 410… 13. Alberto Forato (Husqvarna) 156; 21. Josh Gilbert (Husqvarna) 87; 27. Mattia Guadagnini (Husqvarna) 62; 34. Gianmarco Cenerelli (Husqvarna) 21; 35. Enzo Toriani (Husqvarna) 21; 37. Johannes Nermann (Husqvarna) 11; 42. Roland Edelbacher (Husqvarna) 5; 44. Maximilian Spies (Husqvarna) 2