• Interdisciplinary project leader R&D

    Andreas Gühlsdorf


    "It's my job to ensure that after 4 years of development, we deliver a product that meets our customers' exact expectations."

    Andreas Gühlsdorf


    The Norden 901 story

    Episode 2

    Episode 2

    The Norden 901 story

    Who is Andreas Gühlsdorf


    Driving the development journey 

    Andreas is at the leading edge of the Norden 901 development project. He is responsible for steering a team of passionate personalities towards a common goal - and ensuring deadlines and budgets are met. With an unwavering ability to see the big picture, Andreas is able to extract the very best from a diverse and talented team. 

    “I have to make sure everyone is online and working towards the same target.”

    Andreas Gühlsdorf


    The team

    The strength of experience

    A powerful team helped bring this Norden 901 to reality. A team that has worked together before and featured a great mix of creative minds in design and experience in engineering. Developing this bike through the pandemic was a true testament to the team's incredible strength and efficiency.  

    “During testing, we conducted endurance tests of over 50,000 kms on a number of test bikes, with no issues.”

    Andreas Gühlsdorf

    Andreas Gühlsdorf

    “We wanted a high quality bike shaped for long distance riding both on and offroad.”

    Passion for motorcycles


    From track to travel

    Excited by the street racing world as a kid, Andreas spent his youth as a hobbyist track racer. Now with a full-time job and young family, he transitioned into more flexible travel-oriented riding. As a passionate and accomplished adventure rider, Andreas is living out his dream leading a product development team focused on travel.  

    "I have travelled all around Europe, including up to North Cape in Norway."

    Andreas Gühlsdorf


    Bringing it
    all together

    Comfortable, stylish, rugged

    The goal was to squeeze maximum comfort from the bike concept. We also selected a specific suspension spec, which mixes street comfort and offroad handling. In the end, its strength is long distance exploration - meaning range, comfort and all-terrain versatility.


    “The Norden 901 has a commanding look. When you walk into the garage, you can't help but stare at it." 

    Now it’s time to bring it all together

    Now it’s time to tell the world

    Federico Valentini

    There are new roads ahead of us



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