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    Head of Husqvarna Motorcycles global marketing

    Federico Valentini


    “I travel not to escape life,
    but for life not to escape me.”

    Federico Valentini


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    Who is Federico Valentini


    The brand at heart.

    Federico heads up the marketing and communication experts who shape the image of Husqvarna Motorcycles out in the market. His job is to create awareness of the brand and its products, but more importantly to ensure that it resonates with and appeals to his audience.

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    “We want people to know they can rely on the brand's truly massive heritage.”

    Federico Valentini


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    Ethos behind the bike

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    A spirit for travel

    The twin-cylinder travel-enduro segment perfectly fits the Husqvarna Motorcycles brand in terms of usability and accessibility. The designers did a great job to capture the essence of the brand and its values in this new motorcycle. At first glance, it's clear to see it is targeted at people with a spirit for travel. Those who are as keen to ride to work as they are to explore new horizons - no matter where that road may lead them.  

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    “We're appealing to those who want to travel with a motorcycle that is dynamically-pleasing yet still accessible.”

    Federico Valentini

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    Federico Valentini

    “We want to give customers peace of mind that this motorcycle can comfortably tackle long distances.”

    Career highlight


    Living the dream

    Spending many of his teenage years close to Milan, Federico took every opportunity to visit the EICMA bike show. Here he would spend many hours ogling at the very latest products the 2-wheel industry had to offer. In 2019, it was his turn to 'wow' motorcycle enthusiasts with the unveiling of the Norden 901 prototype. The crowd’s reaction was great, but what made it extra special was to do it alongside his childhood hero, Max Biaggi.   

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    “EICMA is too packed at the weekend, so I would skip school and go during the week.”

    Federico Valentini


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    Motorcycling all around

    With two older brothers passionate about motorcycles, Federico was immersed in the world of 2-wheels from a young age. While his brothers’ passion was more for asphalt, offroad riding captured his interest. BMX, dirt bikes and motocross all formed a big part of his youth. However, that mix has found some balance as Husqvarna Motorcycles expands its range into dualsport and street.     


    “I inherited many things from my older brothers, also, thankfully, their passion for motorcycles.”

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    Now it’s time to bring it all together

    Now see how we put the Norden 901 through its paces

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    Mike Horn

    Check out what the world's most revered explorer has to say



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