• Enduro 2022

    Always moving forward

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    Up for the challenge

    Shifting through the gears, rapidly building momentum, the trail begins to reveal less and less of itself. Up for the challenge, the anticipation of facing the unknown is the only motivation needed to keep on pushing.


    What is new in 2022

    • New colours, trims and graphics with rugged grey and electric yellow accents are a distinctive and stylish adornment for the Swedish-inspired design
    • New BRAKTEC hydraulic clutch system → perfect modulation and reliable performance in all conditions
    • New BRAKTEC brake system and high-performance GSK discs → superior stopping power with outstanding sensitivity and modulation
    • Revised suspension settings for improved performance and rider feedback
    • Oil bypass in the outer fork tubes reduces friction for smooth, consistent travel through the stroke and a revised cartridge joint offers added damping performance
    • Revised shock valve seals with reduced hardness (MY21 = 90 Shore / MY22 = 70 Shore) offer improved feedback and consistent damping performance
    • Inspired and tested by our Factory Racing Team all 2022 enduro machines run Michelin Enduro tyres for maximum traction on difficult terrain
    • New 13:52 gearing on TE 250i for improved low-end response

    FE 450 - Redefining the boundaries


    FE 450 - Redefining the boundaries








    The Bike That Changed Offroad

    In 1983 Husqvarna Motorcycles released a ground-breaking new offroad concept with the TE 510

    Unlike any bike before it, the single-cylinder 4-stroke was ahead of its time in layout and design, with previously unseen agility and reliability

    Compact, lightweight and powerful, it marked a new milestone in offroad motorcycle development - still evident in competition 4-strokes today