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    The Essence of Riding

  • About Riding

    There’s a unique harmony that develops between man and machine out on the ride. An intuitive experience where the two become one. Dirt or tar, these powerful singles feels effortless to ride, light and nimble, reacting instantly to your every cue - simply an extension of you.

    701 Supermoto

    701 Supermoto

    2000 - 2009

    The Golden Age of Supermoto

    The hybrid sport of Supermoto combines the varied skills required for required for street racing, dirt track and motocross - into one action packed sport

    The new discipline experienced huge growth in the late 1990’s, with the official world championship’s first running in 2002

    The Eddy Seel’s 2003 title marked the start of a golden era in Supermoto for Husqvarna Motorcycles

    Seel along with Husqvarna team mates Gerald Delepine and Adrien Chareyre, would jointly secure six world titles between 2003 and 2009, as Husqvarna Motorcycles dominated the exciting new sport