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    Husqvarna Motorcycles is going forward into the future with a zero-emissions product range to broaden the brand’s appeal to existing riders as well as a whole new audience.

    It has always been the aim of Husqvarna Motorcycles to develop new products accessible to the broadest possible spectrum of riders. The E-mobility range will retain and continue the riding pleasure and dynamics refined through the long history and experience of the brand.

    The current Husqvarna Motorcycles street range is already known for being progressive, smart, dynamic and purely design oriented. These values will continue to be hallmarks of the E-mobility line.

    E-Scooter Concept


    Husqvarna Motorcycles reveals the E-Scooter Concept. It offers a tantalising vision of what Husqvarna Motorcycles’ move into electric urban mobility will look like.

    The E-Scooter Concept is the first electric scooter ever produced by Husqvarna Motorcycles and is aimed squarely at the urban commuter who demands a compact, stylish and effective personal transport solution to fit their busy lifestyle. Styled and ridden like a conventional scooter, the E-Scooter Concept will deliver a top speed of 45 km/h and offer a range of up to 95 km.

    The E-Scooter Concept is an eco-friendly model that brings the future of personal urban transport into the present.

    E-Pilen Concept


    Inspired by the pioneering design of the successful Vitpilen and Svartpilen models, the brand offers a tantalising vision of what its future move into electric urban mobility will look like with the E-Pilen Concept.

    With a power output of 8 kW and a range of 100 km the E-Pilen Concept has clearly been developed with the urban commuter and leisure rider in mind, with a range that maximises the time between battery charges.

    Husqvarna Motorcycles keeps an open approach to all battery opportunities, aiding the parallel advantage of both fixed and swappable solutions. The E-Pilen Concept features a modular and swappable battery system allowing the power pack to be exchanged, extending the appeal and utility of electric motorcycles to those considering the switch.

    E-Pilen Concept

    E-Pilen Concept

    Stand-Up Scooter Concept


    Furthermore, Husqvarna Motorcycles unveils the Stand-Up Scooter Concept. It makes convenient, clean travel easy with a stand-up scooter. The rider stands on the Stand-Up Scooter Concept, which offers rapid transit from A to B in busy city environments in a noise and emissions-free package.

    The Stand-Up Scooter Concept will offer a range of 40 km and with the power output of 0,5 kW it will deliver a top speed of 20 km/h.

    Development of the E-Mobility range is well-advanced and reflects the forward-thinking innovation that has seen Husqvarna Motorcycles set benchmarks for quality, aesthetics and performance for more than a century.

    The expansion into E-Mobility is also reflected in an expanded dealer network. Husqvarna Motorcycles is actively searching for qualified dealers in large metropolitan areas in Europe, focusing on Spain, France, Italy and Germany.

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