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    Husqvarna Motorcycles has a proven commitment to going beyond the normal performance parameters, using innovation and high-tech engineering techniques to give all motocross racers the machines they need to outperform the competition.

    Technical Highlights


    The motocross range showcases Husqvarna Motorcycles' progressive approach to off-road motorcycles, while new white,blue and yellow graphics on all models highlight the Swedish-inspired design. Developed by our engineers, the frame area around the shock mount has been updated as material was removed with visible cut-outs. Also, the steering head area of the frame has been revised on the front triangle with less material and comes with a different wall thickness compared to the previous model year. 

    The effects of these changes are an improved flex of the chassis with lower weight at the same time. On track the benefit is noticeable by an improved cornering behaviour especially on corner entry and riders from every level should benefit from these changes..

    Faster and smarter

    Introducing two new 2-stroke models to the excisting range, the TC 150 and TC 300.These models are assembled with the latest offroad technolonogy and premium components that offer unrivalled handling thanks to the electronic fuel injection and the modern throttle body. The traditional enrichment valve has been replaced by an electronic exhaust flap control system that ensures optimal power delivery in all gears and driving situations.

    The FC 250 and FC 350 4-stroke models are equipped with the latest generation DOHC engines, which provide unparalleled torque and peak power. For a personalized riding experience, all 4-speed models feature traction and launch control, as well as a quickshifter for smooth upshifts. Via the handlebar-mounted Map Select Switch, these rider assistance systems can be easily activated.Riders wanting to track their lap times,adjust engine settings and get the most out of their machines can also now mount a retrofit Connectivity Unit Offroad system. 

    For more information about the CUO check out the link

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    Become a master of your craft

    New WP XACT suspension settings to work with the new frame updates offer more comfort by reducing dip and thus significantly improving agility when cornering. Every rider can make their individual suspension settings quickly and without tools.

    The electric starter system is powered by a lightweight 2.0 Ah lithium-ion battery on all models. Each bike is equipped with race-proven components such as Dunlop MX34 tires enhancing cornering performance and steering feel, ProTaper handlebars and Brembo hydraulic systems. This makes it easy to outshine the competition.

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