Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing’s Malcolm Stewart made his first podium appearance of the season on Saturday with an impressive performance at Round 5 of the AMA Supercross Championship in Glendale, Arizona. Scoring 3-2-4 finishes, Stewart maintained a consistent pace through all three Main Events to secure second overall at the first Triple Crown of the year.

Stewart, the eight-place qualifier, started off fourth aboard his FC 450 Rockstar Edition in 450SX Main Event 1 and he quickly moved into third by lap three. Midway through the race, he dropped back one spot but he was able to regain the position with four laps to go, making his first podium appearance of the night in third.

In the second Main Event, Stewart snagged a top-five start and he charged into third by the second lap. He powered his way into second halfway into the race and from there, he maintained a strong pace to secure second in race two.

In the third Main Event, Stewart got off to a great start in second and he battled up front for the first half of the race. He got passed on lap seven and lost his momentum, dropping outside of podium contention late in the race, where he ultimately finished fourth in the third race. With consistent finishes on the night, Stewart was able to secure his first overall podium of the season at Round 5.

“This is my first-ever podium for a Triple Crown and I’m beyond stoked,” Stewart said.” I can’t thank the whole team enough. We’ve all been grinding and we’re starting to see things pay off and I think this only builds more momentum for everybody.”

Team rider Dean Wilson had a tough start in 450SX Main Event 1, crossing the line in 11th on the first lap. He battled just outside the top-10 for the next few laps before charging his FC 450 Rockstar Edition into a top-10 position, ultimately finishing ninth. In the second main, Wilson started near the back of the pack and had to fight his way forward on the opening lap. Picking up a few positions late in the race, Wilson secured another ninth-place finish in the second main. With an 11th-place start in the third Main Event, Wilson quickly climbed into ninth a few laps in and he rode strong to round out the night with another top-10 finish. With 9-9-9 scores, Wilson came away with ninth overall on the night.

"My night wasn’t too bad, I just need to work on my starts,” Wilson said. “I had some good rides coming through the pack and made some good passes but I need to give myself an opportunity to battle with these guys and see where I’m at off the start. I think my pace was pretty good, so I’m going to keep working and I’m looking forward to next weekend.”

In the 250SX division, team rider Jalek Swoll put together three solid Main Events to finish just outside the top-five on the night. In the first Main Event, Swoll started in eighth and he quickly picked up positions to put himself into sixth on the second lap. He made his way up to fourth just after the halfway point and he diced back-and-forth for a top-five position heading into the final lap, where he was ultimately passed just before the checkers to finish sixth.

In Main Event 2, Swoll had a great start, rounding the opening lap in the second-place position. He lost momentum halfway through the race and dropped a few positions near the end, ultimately finishing fifth in the second race. In the third Main Event, Swoll found himself just inside the top-10 off the start and he worked his way up to eighth a few laps in. He raced in eighth for most of the race before overtaking seventh, where he eventually finished in the last race.

“I feel like this Triple Crown helped me catch up on a lot of time that I was missing,” Swoll said. “It could’ve been a lot better if I would have nailed the start when I needed to in the last one but it is what it is. I felt like I was making good progress throughout the races but I was just losing too much time in the whoops and obviously you can’t do that when you’re up front with these guys, they’ll take advantage of the weaknesses early. We’re going to work on the flaws this week and I’m going to try to end A3 on a banger.”

Round 6: February 12 – Anaheim 3 SX – Anaheim, California

Round 5 Results: Glendale SX Triple Crown

450SX Results

1. Eli Tomac (YAM), 1-1-3

2. Malcolm Stewart – Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing, 3-2-4

3. Chase Sexton (HON), 11-3-1

9. Dean Wilson – Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing, 9-9-9

250SX West Results

1. Hunter Lawrence (HON), 2-1-2

2. Christian Craig (YAM), 1-4-1

3. Jo Shimoda (KAW), 5-3-3

6. Jalek Swoll – Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing, 6-5-7

450SX Rider Point Standings

1. Eli Tomac – 111 points

2. Chase Sexton – 100 points

3. Jason Anderson – 96 points

4. Malcolm Stewart – Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing – 93 points

11. Dean Wilson – Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing – 61 points

250SX West Rider Point Standings

1. Christian Craig – 122 points

2. Hunter Lawrence – 114 points

3. Michael Mosiman – 99 points

11. Jalek Swoll – Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing, 51 points