Vital Points for de Wolf as Coenen fights back at the MXGP of Trentino

Kay de Wolf wins MX2 race one and delights fans with a blistering comeback in race two, while teammate Lucas Coenen overcame injury to secure vital points.

Set against the stunning backdrop of the Dolomite mountains and the shimmering waters of Lake Garda, the historic Il Ciclamino track in Trentino played host to the fourth round of the 2024 FIM Motocross World Championship. For the Nestaan Husqvarna Factory Racing team, the weekend was a mix of triumph and perseverance, underscored by blistering performances and valuable championship points.

Starting the weekend strong, Kay de Wolf qualified in sixth position, setting himself up well for Sunday’s race day. In the first moto, he quickly moved up from third at the start to second by the second lap, closely tailing race leader Sacha Coenen. By the fifth lap, Kay not only set the fastest lap of the race but also seized the lead. From there, he steadily built a gap, commanding the track with a lead that stretched to 4.3 seconds by the eleventh lap. Riding a smooth and controlled race, Kay maintained his lead to take the win by a 3.7-second margin, untouched by his competitors.

However, the second race tested Kay's resolve. An early multi-rider crash shuffled him back to the 31st position, setting the stage for a fierce comeback. Undeterred, Kay sliced through the field, consistently marking lap times around the 1:51s - among the fastest on the track. Despite a minor crash, he climbed back rapidly to finish eighth, narrowly missing the podium but crucially holding onto his lead in the championship standings.

Teammate and fellow Nestaan Husqvarna Factory Racing rider Lucas Coenen faced a formidable challenge before the first start gate of the weekend; riding with a shoulder injury picked up in a crash just days before. Struggling in qualifying due to his injury, Lucas started the first race in 13th position but showcased his grit by climbing into the top ten to finish tenth. His tenacity was on full display, as he managed to ride through the pain, preserving his strength and securing crucial points.

The second race saw Lucas improve his start, quickly moving up to ninth by the third lap. Despite a late crash, he recovered to finish ninth, showing his determination under pressure once again. Each lap was a testament to Lucas's effort in gritting his teeth, as he tackled the track's tricky conditions head-on.

As the Nestaan Husqvarna team departs from Trentino, they take away valuable points ready to face the next challenge in Agueda, Portugal on May 5.


#74 - Kay de Wolf: "It was an OK weekend—I lost three points in the championship, but overall, I am pretty happy with my riding throughout the weekend. In the first moto, I had a really good flow and rhythm, and just did my own thing! It was a fun race. Then, in the second moto, there was a crash in the first turn, which put me back to last, but I managed to fight my way back to eighth. The riding was amazing in the second moto, so I have lots of positives to take from the weekend, and I'm really looking forward to the next race in Portugal."

#96 - Lucas Coenen: "The weekend didn’t go as I had hoped. On Tuesday, I had a crash during training and injured my right shoulder. I came into the weekend still in pain from this injury and really just tried my best. During qualifying, I got off to a good start—I was around P6—but the pain was too intense, and I couldn’t manage to hold on, so I DNF'd. I actually said then that I wouldn’t race on Sunday, but somehow, I managed to motivate myself to push through the pain. The first moto was pretty difficult; my shoulder was bothering me, but we still managed to secure some important points. Then in the second moto, I had a good start but was completely on the outside, which made it difficult. I finished P9 and got P10 overall, so it’s positive, all things considered. Now we have some time to recover before Portugal, and I'm aiming to come back strong!"


Results - 2024 FIM Motocross World Championship, Round Four

MX2 - Overall
1. Liam Everts (KTM) 42pts; 2. Thibault Benistant (Yamaha) 40pts; 3. Simon Längenfelder (GASGAS) 38pts; 4. Kay de Wolf (Husqvarna) 38pts; 7. Andrea Adamo (KTM) 29pts; 10. Lucas Coenen (Husqvarna) 23pts; 13. Marc-Antoine Rossi (GASGAS) 17pts; 16. Sacha Coenen (KTM) 10pts;

MX2 - Moto One
1. Kay de Wolf (Husqvarna)  35:12.455; 2. Thibault Benistant (Yamaha) 35:16.205; 3. Liam Everts (KTM) 35:31. 651; 6. Marc-Antoine Rossi (GASGAS) 35:47.082; 7. Andrea Adamo (KTM) 35:48.473; 8. Simon Längenfelder (GASGAS) 35:49.466; 10. Lucas Coenen (Husqvarna) 36:28.199

MX2 - Moto Two 
1. Simon Längenfelder (GASGAS) 35:31.370; 2. Liam Everts (KTM) 35:41.353; 3. Andrea Bonacorsi (Yamaha) 35:44.987; 6. Andrea Adamo (KTM) 35:59.054; 8. Kay de Wolf (Husqvarna) 36:14.277; 9. Lucas Coenen (Husqvarna) 36:20.033; 11. Sacha Coenen (KTM) 36:34.774; 19. Marc-Antoine Rossi (GASGAS) 35:53.034; 

MX2 - Standings
1. Kay de Wolf (Husqvarna) 213pts; 2. Simon Längenfelder (GASGAS) 187pts; 3. Thibault Benistant (Yamaha) 148pts; 4. Lucas Coenen (Husqvarna) 147pts; 5. Andrea Adamo (KTM) 139pts; 7. Liam Everts (KTM) 128pts; 10. Marc-Antoine Rossi (GASGAS) 101pts; 11. Sacha Coenen (KTM) 90pts;