• World traveller

    Lyndon Poskitt


    “Adventure riding gives you the opportunity to
    discover places you wouldn't normally find.”

    Lyndon Poskitt - Norden 901 ambassador 

    The Norden 901 story

    Episode 5

    Episode 5

    The Norden 901 story

    Who is he?


    A world traveller 

    By profession, Lyndon Poskitt is a highly qualified aerospace engineer, but most people know him for his intercontinental 2-wheel adventures. Having travelled almost the entire world on a single-cylinder machine, Lyndon now jumps up to a more powerful, smoother twin-cylinder engine as the ambassador for the Norden 901.

    “Riding to work on a motorcycle was an escape from the business of everyday life.”

    Lyndon Poskitt


    How bikes became his life

    Exchanging stress for freedom

    Like many, Lyndon had made his life all about work. Moving up the career ladder at great pace, he soon realised this wasn't the kind of speed he was looking for. Taking a much needed 2-wheel sabbatical, Lyndon instantly knew that this is where he belonged. That's where the journey began and is certainly far from over.   

    “It was actually adventure motorcycling that led me to achieving a lifelong dream of racing the Dakar Rally and finishing it.”

    Lyndon Poskitt

    Lyndon Poskitt

    “I really don't think you can get the same sense of achievement as when you are travelling.”

    Experience with the bike


    Built to explore

    On his global adventures, Lyndon realised that a travel bike needs to be a rounded solution. If it has too much focus in one area, it will lack in another. Out there you cannot plan for everything, so you need a machine that is capable, no matter what the journey throws at you.This is what he felt on the Norden 901. A versatile, long-distance travel companion ready to explore new ways.  

    “Choose an adventure bike that is suitable for you as an individual.”

    Lyndon Poskitt


    Why did he want to go north?

    A return to the Arctic Circle

    On his world travels, Lyndon made it all the way up to the Arctic Circle in Alaska. Since then, he has been curious to discover what this remote part of the European continent is like. With the Norden 901 as a travel companion and the idea to simply head north, Lyndon will not only fulfill his personal mission, but also discover the areas that inspired the motorcycle's name.    

    “For me, in my current situation, the Norden 901 is the perfect bike.”

    Now it’s time to bring it all together

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