• Mike Horn and Cyril Despres

    Discovering Mongolia

  • Discovering Mongolia

    Mike Horn and Cyril Despres

    From exploring Iceland on the prototype Norden 901 machines, Cyril Despres and Mike Horn continue to discover the world on two wheels, travelling to one of the most diverse countries on earth – Mongolia. Wild and largely untouched, Mongolia is a paradise for exploration. 


    For their latest adventure, Mike and Cyril chose to ride the new Norden 901 Expedition simply because they knew its capabilities would match their desire to explore unridden parts of the globe.



    Mongolia: paradise for exploration

    The lure of Mongolia’s unknown expanses was the catalyst for Mike and Cyril’s expedition. The mountains, lakes, savannahs, and endless rugged terrain offered an irresistible destination for the friends to explore. After carefully packing the Norden 901 Expedition’s pre-fitted Side Bag Set with travel essentials, unrestricted exploration awaited as the pair discovered the second largest land locked country on earth aboard the new travel motorcycle. As the duo quickly realised, there is no place quite like Mongolia.

    The Norden 901 Expedition

    Discovering new worlds

    Cyril Despres

    “The end of an adventure is not the end of the road. It’s the start of something new.”

    Cold mornings make for a fresh start.
    Snow-capped sand dunes clearly indicate the extreme temperatures found in Mongolia. The cold conditions made Mike and Cyril feel alive, invigorating their bodies and minds ahead of each leg of their adventure.


    Equipped with the Heated Grips and Heated Rider’s Seat as standard, the Norden 901 Expedition allowed the friends to begin their journey in the early mornings, even with the sub-zero temperatures. But as with every long-distance travel, not every day goes to plan.



    Facing challenges

    True expeditions test the physical and mental strength of any rider and their motorcycle, and diverse challenges such as river crossings, cliffs, deep mud, and rocky terrain are commonplace when exploring new worlds. Thanks to the reinforced skid plate and the long 240 mm travel WP XPLOR suspension of the Norden 901 Expedition, riding across the rugged landscape was made easy. When faced with adversity, Mike and Cyril immersed themselves into each task, understanding the situation before establishing a safe and practical way of overcoming it. In doing so, the journey always continued, with the friends developing a newfound respect, and joy, for what it took to conquer a unique set of Mongolian challenges. 

    Mike Horn

    “You can conquer anything with the right mindset.”

    The feeling of freedom is your fuel to go further.

    Expedition often means sidestepping the masses and staying in the saddle for extended periods of time.


    With the fitment of the high-quality two-piece seat and a new Touring Windshield, maximum comfort and enjoyment is ensured while riding for longer days. Enjoying new experiences, new terrain, food, landscapes, and places, plays a huge motivational role in every expedition. Along the way, unknowingly, riding skills will improve and when back home, your mindset and perspective will be completely revitalised.