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    Utilises les avantages de notre Midwinter Sale et assures-toi des réductions sur les vêtements fonctionnels et casual ainsi que sur des accessoires techniques pour les tout-terrain et la rue, tous directement chez ton concessionnaire autorisé.

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    By Kenneth Olausson

    Swede Hans Hansson is an important name in the Husqvarna history books with a 51-year career. Not only was he a gifted motocross rider, but he also won the famous “Novemberkåsan” five times and the national enduro title on nine occasions between 1962 and 1979. Hans was also employed by the factory in Huskvarna, where he did development work, testing new technology.


    Dream Team Racer

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    By Kenneth Olausson

    Race fans with a technical flair seldom miss the chance to tune motorcycles. When Husqvarna’s 175cc Dream Machine was launched in 1953, engineer Birger Berggren set his sights on building a TT racing replica – with a 250cc power source. Here is the unique story of a rare 4-stroke.

    When the weapons factory presented the 281 model, it was powered by a 175cc 2-stroke engine, giving a performance of 7.5 horsepower at 5,000 rpm. This motorcycle represented a new era for Husqvarna, selling street machines on a large scale. After the war, good transportation was in great need, but most people could still not afford a car. They relied on economic two-wheelers, so the nationwide market for the new motorcycle was immense.

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