• Ride Husqvarna Motorcycles

    Unlock the full potential of your Husqvarna Motorcycles

  • The Ride Husqvarna Motorcycles app is a tool that extends the levels of control even further. Improve your performance, tailor the engine characteristics of your motocross machine to your skill level and track conditions. Accurately tune the suspension to your preference by the given recommendations of SAG, pre-load adjustment and pressure. Like having a factory mechanic in your phone, you can refine the performance of your 2024 Rockstar Edition motocross models to perfectly match your riding style.

    For all street and travel bike riders, the app offers unlimited exploration opportunities right at your fingertips and safely directs you into your next adventure with turn-by-turn navigation. When unforeseen challenges are placed in your way, you can rely on our professional partner network to be on your side. Just submit your service request from the app to the Husqvarna Motorcycles Assistance Center.

    General features

    Owners manual

    Direct and instant access to your manuals, wherever you are.


    User profile management. Personalise your profile with nickname, riding level, rider weight and your choice of protective gear.

    Virtual garage

    One place to add all your motorcycles and manage the settings.

    APP settings

    Change app units, subscribe and view subscriptions, read the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, your direct contact to Husqvarna Motorcycles*

    *depending on your country

    Onroad features


    Plan your journey and venture further with confidence. 

    Powered by Sygic and operating offline, the Navigation feature uses industry standard mapping to guide riders to their destinations of choice. Riders can use the advanced search feature, brows a diverse range of points of interest (POIs) - including filling stations, restaurants, rest stops - or select one of their pre-saved destinations. Concise directions are delivered turn-by-turn to your Husqvarna machine's TFT screen.

    Furthermore, riders can benefit from many premium navigation features such as sharing real-time location, import and export GPX-files, real-time traffic information, twisty road feature, alerted speed limits, audio warnings and many more.

    Mobility service

    When unforeseen challenges come your way, you can rely on our professional partner network to be at your side. We offer a 24/7 hotline service, on-site repair or tow away, accommodation, replacement vehicle, onward journey and more.

    Create your service request from the Ride Husqvarna Motorcycles app and track the service vehicle as it comes to your assistance.

    Offroad features

    • Virtual Garage where riders can modify, manage, and store motorcycle set-up information.
    • The Engine feature* allows customisation of engine behaviour with a Offroad Connectivity Unit, to suit personal rider preferences, while also giving valuable recommendations for inexperienced riders.
    • Adjustable settings and recommendations of the engine mapping take terrain and track conditions into consideration.
    • The Suspension feature recommends suspension settings based on skill level and track conditions but also assists the rider in evaluating and setting the correct suspension SAG.

    *Optional Offroad Connectivity Unit required to enable vehicle connection.

    Supported Bikes

    • FC 250 Rockstar Edition 2022
    • FC 450 Rockstar Edition 2022
    • FC 250 2023
    • FC 250 Heritage 2023
    • FC 450 2023
    • FC 450 Rockstar Edition 2023
    • FC 450 Heritage 2023
    • FX 450 2023
    • FX 350 2023
    • FX 350 Heritage 2023
    • FC 350 2023
    • FC 250 2024
    • FC 450 2024
    • FX 450 2024
    • FX 350 2024
    • FC 350 2024

    Technical details Ride Husqvarna Motorcycles App

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