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    By Kenneth Olausson

    The epidemic moped flue in the 1950s resulted in big sales volumes for Husqvarna. By 1954, the Swedes had sold 25,000 units. Mind you, the first batch of the Novolette was a mere transporter and did not appeal to youngsters. Hence, the marketing folks came up with the idea to flirt with the up-and-coming generation to boost turnover. And what better way was there than appealing to those representing the future? Manufactured in red and silver, this frightful beast had the ability to do 30 km/h. That was the law, and it gave every young man - no, there weren't any females owning this wonder machine - an incentive to circumvent the rules and tune the power source into oblivion. Meaning the "Blöjpilen" would do speeds up to 40 km/h, occasionally 45 km/h.

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