• Life with Husqvarna Motorcycles

    Lyndon Poskitt


    A life on two wheels

    Like for many people, life unquestionably revolves around motorcycles for Lyndon Poskitt, Husqvarna Motorcycles brand ambassador. The British rider, who now resides in southern Spain, discovered two wheels during his childhood years and since then his passion and excitement has always evolved. Whether he is exploring the world aboard his versatile Norden 901, laying rubber on asphalt on the 701 Supermoto, or continuing to develop his riding skills on the FE 450, Lyndon is constantly growing as both a rider, and a human being.

    A way of life

    Everyday Lyndon rides or spends time in his workshop maintaining his motorcycles. Knowing the importance of preparation having ridden around the world continually for five years, he meticulously prepares each motorcycle, creating a stronger bond between man and machine. His daily ride is the Norden 901. Agile through the narrowest of streets heading to his favourite coffee shop, the same versatile machine has taken him on international adventures through Europe, Australia, Africa, and Iceland.


    Laps on the track

    Not restricting himself to the offroad, Lyndon frequently rides the 701 Supermoto to his local short circuit to enjoy a high intensity riding session. Lap after lap, he masterfully flicks the powerful and perfectly balanced single-cylinder motorcycle from kerb to kerb and makes drifting into corners a form of art.

    Pushing the limits

    Training outdoors aboard his FE 450 is where Lyndon feels most at home. Nimble yet powerful, this big-bore enduro machine allows him to try new techniques and ideas in his continued pursuit of becoming an even more rounded rider. Lyndon believes in always improving and learning new skills which he then applies to riding his other machines.



    An unquestionable passion

    Whether Lyndon is riding through sand dunes, navigating with pinpoint accuracy through rocky terrain, or simply out exploring on his local roads, enjoying the stunning landscapes near to his home in Spain, Lyndon certainly lives his life to the full.