• KISKA design team

    Jules Fontvielle & Marcello Basilio


    “There is a function followed by aesthetic and this is the real essence of Husqvarna.”

    Lead designer & designer at KISKA


    The Norden 901 story

    Episode 1

    Episode 1

    The Norden 901 story

    Who are the


    Swedish style, Italian flair and French allure.

    Jules Fontvielle (Lead designer) and Marcello Basilio (Designer) are part of the powerful, international design team at KISKA that shaped the Norden 901 concept model and are now helping to bring it to production.

    "We are also friends outside of work, so the chemistry was pretty good on this project."

    Jules Fontvielle 


    Inspiration behind
    the Norden

    Inspired by the pioneers of long travel.

    The early days of rally was the inspiration for the modern day adventure segment. True multi-terrain machines designed to cover long distances through some of the toughest, most diverse landscapes. This was the inspiration for the Norden 901, but created in a typically Husqvarna, modern way.

    "We even took inspiration from the lightweight FC motocross range and tried to apply that philosophy to a bigger bike."

    Marcello Basilio

    Marcello Basilio

    "I always start with a pencil sketch. It's where you can really feel the passion, the idea, the creativity."



    Simple. Progressive. Approachable. 

    Expression is fundamental in the Husqvarna Motorcycles design. It has to be instantly recognisable. This can be seen in the simple, round headlight. However, if you look closer, it is rich with detail, enough to give you a completely new feeling. This can also be seen in the prominence of the fog lights that have been integrated into the design architecture.   

    "My interest in four-wheel design was replaced by an ever-growing passion for two-wheels."

    Marcello Basilio


    with intent

    Inspired by the north, built for the world

    The Norden 901 is designed for real travelers and explorers. Those with a passion for seeking out new places, pioneers in their own minds. A capable all-terrain motorcycle inspired by the rugged beauty of the north and built for the world.


    "This bike allows you to be yourself and ride the way you want." 

    - Jules Fontvielle

    Now it’s time to bring it all together

    Now it's time to bring it all together

    Andreas Gühlsdorf

    See how the bike was developed



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