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    Great guns going gaga

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    More than 10,000 spectators came to watch on Whit Monday in 1933, most of them gathering near the “Engvalla-bend”, where great action was promised. And no one returned home disappointed. Of the 35 starting riders, 15 of them were in the saddle of a Husqvarna, which now was the trendiest and fastest machine on the block. With all the Husky victories in Grand Prix racing and elsewhere, every motorcycle man now had a Husqvarna on top of their wish list. The race was held in two stages, where every competitor rode the track twice, counting his best time for the overall results. Gunnar Kalén and Ragnar Sunnqvist – both on factory Husqvarnas – were big favourites of the day. The big question was who would be fastest up the Klevaliden. It turned out that both idols were winners – in different classes! Tutto, Husqvarna!


    1961-70: By a whisper

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    By Kenneth Olausson

    After 1960 things looked gloomy for Husqvarna. The R&D department was in idle mode and the factory had given up hope and interest on their motorcycle division. The street-Huskys didn't sell as the best days of the Silver Arrow were gone. No new products lay in the pipeline and the market was under the weather for the Swedes. It was time to ride out a tropical storm.